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Author Topic: Verification of task from Samples+ library  (Read 8965 times)

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Verification of task from Samples+ library
« on: January 02, 2012, 07:12:25 PM »
Hello, TIMO Structural new formed Community
Last days I worked at one verification task. The deal is the common (not simple) samples of engineering analysis there are in Samples+ library which are available from Start Page of TS (TIMO Structural). I decided to test one of them by comparison with Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis (RS) famous the world class software for structural analysis in Civil Engineering and many fields also. As I understand I can do it for my educational purposes within student license. From start point I was planning to test with goal to present one-two of my successful or not successful results, but such educational training became so thrill that I am going to present a series of post here. Today I will try to present reactions values in task. For better view the button Pres is pressed.
The sample is next (please see it in Samples+ library):

It is interesting to notice that TS has not highlighting of physical magnitude values dimension. As I understand it means that I can use any standard dimensions for my private goals. Therefore the samples input values I will understand as SI values (SI - Le Systme International d'Units). By this way beams geometry and material characteristics are following:

Moment Inertia
Moment Inertia
Moment Inertia
Cross-section area          
Shear Modulus
Young Modulus

External loading type and values are in next table.

Distributed Force along X Axis          
Distributed Force along Y Axis
Distributed Force along Z Axis
Concentrated Force          
Concentrated Force          
Fx=()2000 two points with different directions                    
Concentrated Moment

TIMO Nodes numeration and reactions values are demonstrated directly by next figure.

The scheme of the same construction in RS is presented below

It is important to notice that local coordinates for beam (rod) are different in systems. This feature is demonstrated by figures below

As we see in RS the center line of a bar is X Axis, but it is Z Axis in TS. Vertical Beam Axis is Z Axis in RS and Y Axis in TS.
Possibly as I suppose it will be better to take into account to developers of TS to correspond to RS rules concerning directions. TS rules work in Russian universities (books and traditions) although.
As we see in Reactions table in RS it uses by my choice kN and kNm dimensions for forces and moments.

Therefore I will divide TS reactions values to 103 for direct comparison. Also I must detect Nodes numeration correspondence. The next table shows such equivalence exactly because.

RS Nodes          TS Nodes

Taking into account nodes numeration as well as axes directions in both systems I will put values as is for correct comparison. The forces results are following:

RS, kN
TS, kN
Rx = 3,948512972 (Node 6)
Rz = 3,949047788291382 (Node 7)
Ry = 9,431097880
Rx = 9,431258443051716
Rz = -126,368281523
Ry = -126,36913910101952
Rx = 113,751588746 (Node 3)          
Rz = 113,75102540635972 (Node 3)
Ry = 0,955669276
Rx = 0,955835496580183
Rz = -256,238467839
Ry = -256,23759062304057
Rx = 101,317621006  (Node 1)
Rz = 101,3174577909848 (Node 2)
Ry = -67,953524947
Rx = -67,95365476811648
Rz = 247,216506030
Ry = 247,2157158446303
Rx = 19,786662736 (Node 9)
Rz = 19,78680811016134 (Node 9)
Ry = -78,892891043
Rx = -78,89305147075273
Rz = 335,964804375
Ry = 335,965558809243
And for moments the values are following:      

RS, kNm
TS, kNm
Mx = -9,191448732 (Node 6)      
Mz = -9,191647925078489 (Node 7)
My = -13,384826760
Mx = -13,38427486263303
Mz = 2,944739622
My = 2,9449083724587917
Mx = -7,099172983 (Node 3)
Mz = -7,099369842015649 (Node 3)
My = 49,279635738
Mx = 49,27904884304909
Mz = 2,259545367
My = 2,259717088932388
Mx = 26,521285181 (Node 1)
Mz = 26,521543211808705 (Node 2)
My = 46,506033951
Mx = 46,50551287242521
Mz = 1,910751565
My = 1,910927763794074
Mx = 27,704755699 (Node 9)
Mz = 27,70501556869212 (Node 9)
My = -11,373474091
Mx = -11,372992020209767
Mz = 2,594623772
My = 2,5947972952421255
I really do not know do we need in any conclusions?!
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Re: Verification of task from Samples+ library
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 02:35:53 AM »
As we see in RS the center line of a bar is X Axis, but it is Z Axis in TS. Vertical Beam Axis is Z Axis in RS and Y Axis in TS.
As I understand there is one important thing you are detecting before comparison analysis two systems: Axes rules for RS and TS.
Results are really good. But what about other kind of data?
RS gives multiple tables and diagrams for each factor.
By the way I am going to test TS in few very simple tasks...


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Re: Verification of task from Samples+ library
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2014, 11:23:11 AM »
Can you teach me. I would be very much.


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